Quick Results from Whey 100% Gold!


Do you wonder how long does it takes for you to see results after using whey 100% gold protein? Well I felt the same way as you, and I decided to try and see for myself! My first guess was that I will notice results after some 2-3 months of using 100% whey gold protein. It was far from a close guess! I noticed changes after 2 weeks of using whey 100% gold protein! Yes I have red articles that says that you will notice first results in next day… well that is some serious bulls**t! It isn’t possible to see gains in muscle after 1 day! 2 weeks would be the fastest time to se results and 100% gold whey did it! they have done something amazing by producing this great protein powder! I salute to all ON’s team working on 100% whey protein powder! You all are the power!


One Response to “Quick Results from Whey 100% Gold!”

  1. I really like whey 100% gold. My pick is between than and BSN. Great stuff.

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