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Do you wonder how long does it takes for you to see results after using whey 100% gold protein? Well I felt the same way as you, and I decided to try and see for myself! My first guess was that I will notice results after some 2-3 months of using 100% whey gold protein. […]

I have used lot’s of protein powders since I began my bodybuilding hobby, but 100% whey was the last one I tried, not becaues I quit taking protein shakes, it was because that was the best protein powder ever possible! It has everything I wanted to get from protein powder: it is tasty, dissolves easly […]

Protein Is the ultimate muscle building agent in humans body. If you want to build house – you buy bricks, if you want to build muscles – you go with protein! Protein is made out of amino acids which are the primary things for functioning. Amino acids are even in the DNA chain, they are […]