Do you wonder how long does it takes for you to see results after using whey 100% gold protein? Well I felt the same way as you, and I decided to try and see for myself! My first guess was that I will notice results after some 2-3 months of using 100% whey gold protein. It was far from a close guess! I noticed changes after 2 weeks of using whey 100% gold protein! Yes I have red articles that says that you will notice first results in next day… well that is some serious bulls**t! It isn’t possible to see gains in muscle after 1 day! 2 weeks would be the fastest time to se results and 100% gold whey did it! they have done something amazing by producing this great protein powder! I salute to all ON’s team working on 100% whey protein powder! You all are the power!


I have used lot’s of protein powders since I began my bodybuilding hobby, but 100% whey was the last one I tried, not becaues I quit taking protein shakes, it was because that was the best protein powder ever possible! It has everything I wanted to get from protein powder: it is tasty, dissolves easly even in cold water, has the best price/quality, on and on! I have tried most of the popular Protein shakes on market but none was good enough – if it was tasty – the quality was poor and vice versa! But 100% whey was the thing I was searcing for years. And these are not only my personal thoughts! Whey 100% gold is on top of a lot lof lists and this assures that 100% whey gold protein is the best protein shake aviable on market today! Don’t miss your chance to try it now!

Protein Is the ultimate muscle building agent in humans body. If you want to build house – you buy bricks, if you want to build muscles – you go with protein! Protein is made out of amino acids which are the primary things for functioning. Amino acids are even in the DNA chain, they are transported to there where they are needed most – into your muscles. So 100% whey gold protein review would be the most helphull thing in you life as the whey gold 100% review can cover variety of things connected with the best protein aviable on market today! Whey Protein Isolates are 90% pure protein by weight. They are the purest and most expensive form of whey protein that exists. That’s why they are the first ingredients you read on the 100% Whey Gold Standard label. By using Whey Protein Isolates as our primary protein source, we’re able to pack 24 grams of the purest, muscle-building protein per serving, with a lot less of the fat, cholesterol, lactose, and other stuff that you can do without. There’s no question this is the standard by which other whey proteins are measured.